22 November 2017

TEXTILES - ottaipnu / masaru suzuki

It was 2013 when I last reported on Japanese fabric company Ottaipnu (reminder here). The textile label is the work of  super talented designer Masaru Suzuki who creates these bold and beautiful designs. There have been lots of new releases at Ottaipnu since we last checked in and Masaru's work is now being celebrated in a Japanese book and a major exhibition in Fukuoka. Scroll down to enjoy the work of Masaru Suzuki below, including some client projects for Uniqlo and Camper.


21 November 2017

FASHION PRINT - ahoy design

I just wanted to highlight this beautiful fashion print design by Finnish studio Ahoy Design. Based in Helsinki Ahoy Design is a unique Nordic fashion brand for ladies who value ecological design inspired by Nordic themes with a touch of whimsy. This Autumn 17 print was designed by Matti Pikkuj√§ms√§ and features on clothing dresses, skirts, bags and t-shirts. I really admired its stylised motifs, interesting textures and clever layout. As spotted online here at Ahoy.

DESIGNER - minna niskakangas

Talking of designers from Finland here we have some examples of the beautiful work of Minna Niskakangas. Minna has ten years experience in designing home products. She is inspired by different materials as wood, ceramics, metal, glassware and textile. Minna's current passion is pattern making which she does as part of the design team at Pentik, where Minna is responsible for the whole design process from sketches to the final product.  It is her role to design and cordinate product collections four times a year. See more online at Minna Niskakangas.